As a Pega Premier Consulting Partner, we leverage Pegasystem's world-class digital transformation software as the backbone of our BPM solutions. The impactful, tailored solutions we build allow our clients to benefit from accelerated ROI and speed to market by creating efficiencies, increasing performance, and enhancing agility.

"Crush complexity: Embrace the power of the Pega Customer engagement engine to drive low code/no code delivery! Let’s GO!"

PegaWorld Breakout Session

Developing a Scalable Licensing Solution to Improve the Citizen and Employee Experience

We were honored to present at Pega's biggest event of the year. Our very own Director of Innovation Lab/Pega COE Rohit Chaudhri joined Lauren Hibbert, Director of the Office of Professional Regulations (OPR) for the State of Vermont in a conversation around OPR's challenges and how Bresatech has partnered with them to solve these problems with Pega's low code application.

Lauren and Rohit also share some exciting things happening in the near future where the Pega platform will be key for execution.


We do more than implementations – our approach is to listen to specific needs, consult with our team on the most effective journey-centric approach, and create scalable solutions that truly empower our clients.

We provide consultation, implementation, and support for the following Pega BPM Solutions:

  • ​Licensing + Certification
  • Case Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Automation
  • Customer Decision Hub
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Process Automation
  • Field Services
  • Innovation Labs

We Are Pega's Go-To Licensing + Certification Partner

Our expert consultants utilize Pega's platform to create a digital roadmap and implement outcome-driven licensing and certification applications for state and federal government organizations. With this world-class technology and our team of specialists, we provide rapid delivery with real outcomes.

We leverage the Pega Express Delivery Methodology - an efficient, low-code application building experience.

Advantages include:

  • Custom-built to agency's specific requirements
  • Microjourneys to facilitate rapid ROI
  • Dynamic, stage-based case management
  • Industry-leading Program Governance and Development Operations
  • People and resource cost savings

Individuals and businesses benefit from a simple, user-friendly digital platform that speeds up the application process. The activity is driven with a customer-centric approach to provide a seamless experience.

Case Study: The State of Vermont Office of Professional Regulation

Lauren Hibbert, Director at The State of Vermont’s Office of Professional Regulation (OPR), knew the professional licensing application system needed to be replaced. It was outdated, inefficient, and far behind the standard. Her staff needed a modernized system that could be responsive to the regulation changes and easy to use for all. Hibbert made it a priority to provide a better licensing application process, one that both her staff and licensees deserved.

Bresatech took over for a previous vendor and immediately went to work, identifying the inefficiencies in both process and application and providing real-time solutions. Retroactive problem solving and optimization were significant in the rebuilding process, as there was a ripple effect of errors due to large modifications being made inside a system that wasn’t customized to meet OPR’s specific business needs.

The result was a modernized application that housed all of OPR’s operations, allowing the ability to move operations from one side of the business to the other within the same system. The OPR staff went from doing the majority of their licensing work outside of the outdated system to 100% operations within the application.

OPR + Bresatech: Response to Covid-19

OPR’s staff was immediately moved to working remotely. Bresatech’s team had the staff working from home in a single day without any effect to processing times and response rates.

Additionally, national licensing exams were canceled. The OPR staff worked hard to get legislation passed that allowed their office to issue temporary licenses during the pandemic.

Bresatech followed suit to employ meaningful updates in a matter of a few days so that thousands of Vermont’s hardworking citizens could secure temporary licenses, and therefore, provide for themselves and their families.

Our Approach to Implementing the Pega Express Methodology

As businesses grow and technology provides more valuable data, the need for intelligent, scalable BPM solutions is greater than ever. Our expert consultants start with Pega’s Center-Out business architecture to deliver a smarter, more agile platform focused on speed and scalability.

We then leverage Pega Express - an efficient, low-code application building experience focused on creating a simple, quick, repeatable approach that utilizes Microjourneys™.

With Pega’s world-class technology suite, we develop a digital roadmap and implement outcome-driven BPM applications to provide rapid delivery with real outcomes.

The quality our consultants deliver through Pega's BPM platform will provide significant, long-term benefits to your business, whether you’re modernizing your legacy system or implementing for the first time.

Pega Express Delivery Phases


The Discover Phase is a design thinking experience created to accelerate your digital transformation journey by understanding your desired outcomes, prioritizing Microjourneys™, and prepping for your project to start.


This phase is a highly collaborative exercise that sets the project up for success. It is all about understanding the vision, desired outcomes, and plan - then preparing the necessary elements for the Build Phase.


We make the configuration process quick and easy with our low-code application platforms, App Studio and Dev Studio, combined with methods and tools to help you build your application.


This phase includes deploying and re-deploying your application, assessing user adoption rates and adjusting elements that help you achieve your desired results. You will complete all tasks needed to Go Live during the Adopt phase including data migration, release process, outcome measurement, and handover to business-as-usual.