North Texas IT Company Founder in Spotlight on Netflix’s Bling Empire

Jessey Lee stars alongside longtime partner in show focused on “wildly wealthy” Asian and Asian-Americans.

[PLANO, TX – JANUARY 21, 2021] Jessey Lee and Chèrie Chan share their life together in the new Netflix show Bling Empire, filmed in Los Angeles where Chan currently resides. Their story is focused on their children, businesses, and pursuit of building a legacy to make their families proud.

A large part of building a family legacy is the work Lee has done with Bresatech, where he serves as chairman and founder. He says, “I was passionate about technology early in my career, which led me to create Bresatech a few years ago. This year has been especially difficult, as most companies can attest, but I was determined to keep Bresatech operating at the highest level. Our amazing leadership helped me restrategize to do what was best for our staff and clients, and we were even able to create new jobs during this pandemic.”

Throughout the season, viewers see Lee and Chan navigate the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship. Chan maintains her life in Los Angeles, CA while Lee resides in Frisco, TX where he is closer and more involved in the daily operations of Plano-based Bresatech and his other business ventures. They also share some meaningful life events including a tragic loss and an anticipated addition to their family.

Balancing family life, work, and sharing his most intimate life details has been difficult for Lee who has historically preferred to keep his private life private. However, he is hopeful that sharing his journey will inspire other entrepreneurs. “I believe people will see that hard work and determination pay off,” says Lee. “Starting a technology business wasn’t exactly in my wheelhouse, but I was determined and with a lot of hard work and the right team, I created this thriving company. I believe in myself and my leadership team at Bresatech. We all work very hard to make sure we do right by our staff and clients, especially during tough times like these.”

As for what we can expect in the first season of Bling Empire, Lee says, “ You’ll just have to watch. Bresatech isn’t featured this first season, but there are quite a few surprises, and I don’t want to give anything away. Instead of drama from Chèrie and me, you can just expect a good story. We truly appreciate all the kind words and support we’ve gotten from family and friends, and we’re excited to share this chapter of our lives with you all.”

Bling Empire​ launched its first season on January 15 and is available exclusively on Netflix.

About Jessey Lee

As Chairman and Founder of Bresatech, Lee is responsible for providing global insight and relies on his strong business background to guide his leadership team. The past 20 years of Lee’s professional career have been spent investing in and developing successful companies across a variety of industries including technology, hospitality, food and beverage, manufacturing, and retail.

The most recent and intentional focus for Lee has been to further develop B​ resatech’s​ global growth as a digital transformation implementation company through its partnerships with Pega and NetSuite, as well as its own I​ nnovation Solutions​ practice.

Lee became passionate about technology early in his professional career. He created a vision for a tech company based on his belief that the IT industry is a viable space for the future. In 2017, Lee made his vision come to life with the creation of Bresatech. He sees this company as a long-term investment and legacy for his family. Lee and his family reside in Frisco. He is actively involved in his community as a strong supporter of the Dallas Cystic Fibrosis and Purist Group which provides school supplies to schools and children in need.

About Bresatech

Bresatech​ is a digital transformation company that believes in effective, sustainable technology. The company’s custom BPM and ERP solutions are backed by the world’s leading technologies through Preferred Alliance Partnerships with ​Pegasystems​ and N​ etSuite​. Bresatech has also created its own Innovation Solutions division to provide its clients with professional resourcing and technology solutions in the form of Applications, Infrastructure and Operations, Data and Analytics, and Project Portfolio Management.

Bresatech is certified as a Minority Business both Nationally and by The State of Texas. The company also holds National HUB and DIR Certifications. You can find more information about Bresatech on its ​website and social media platforms: ​LinkedIn,​ ​Facebook,​ ​Instagram,​ and T​ witter.​